Wednesday, 19 October 2016

All change for Bournemouth Airport

Southampton's airport really is spoilt for public transport, what with its own railway station and the frequent Unilink U1 bus service running from the terminal door several times an hour.

Bournemouth Airport, in comparison, is a poor relation. The local rag gleefully prints pictures of men in suits in front of a bus as it breaks the news that Yellow Buses' A1 express service is being replaced with a slower service from 30th October.

Currently the A1 takes about 20 minutes to get from the town centre to the airport and 30 mins to get back, thanks to a detour via the Aviation Park. When the 14 takes over, journey times will soar to about 50 minutes each way, as the new route takes the slow road through Winton.

No, not that Winton.

For early flights, the A1 can currently get you to the airport at 0641 each morning. From 30th October, the first 14 of the day will get there at 0656 - not much later, but might be enough to push some early flyers in to taxis.

Those arriving on late flights in to Bournemouth Airport currently have a mad scramble for the last bus into town at 2031. After 30th October, the last bus to Bournemouth will leave at 1908, so if your flight is due in after 1800, you can't really count on the bus to get you home any more.

See the timetable for the 14, along with the other Winton routes 4a, 4b and 4c here. From the same date Yellow 24 also has a new timetable.

On the plus side, Yellow Buses have produced a clear new network map:

Friday, 23 September 2016

Unilink changes from Sunday

Unilink have some changes on all of their routes from Sunday, but nothing major to be honest. See full details here.

There's also a minor change to More X1/X2 between Lymington and Bournemouth from Monday. See the new timetables on Traveline here for the X1 and here for the X2.

In other news, it looks like the E1 Eastleigh-Winchester is transferring to Stagecoach from 31st October. No word as yet on the E2, so it could be disappearing altogether, leaving Otterbourne with no direct link to Eastleigh. More on that as we get it.

It looks like Stagecoach 36 is disappearing from the same date, which means West Lockerley and the villages between it and Romsey lose their last public transport link.

Xelabus X4 has some changes from the 31st with the withdrawal of late evening services - all buses on that route will be off the road by 8pm.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

More timetable changes tomorrow

A quick reminder that More have timetable changes on several routes across Bournemouth and Poole from tomorrow.

See full details here.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Bluestar 5 timetable change from Monday

There's a last minute change to Bluestar 5 (Boyatt Wood-Eastleigh-Romsey) from Monday. See the new timetable here.

The 1715 from Eastleigh to Boyatt Wood is withdrawn. The 1715 from Romsey to Boyatt Wood will now depart 5 minutes later.

This does leave a long gap in the late afternoon in buses from Eastleigh towards Boyatt Wood: after the 1535, the next 5 is now at 1805. The gap is filled by First E2 at 1600 and E1 at 1705 towards Winchester but they of course do not accept Bluestar tickets.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Changes this weekend: be prepared!

There are many changes from this weekend from several operators. There's a summary here complete with links to the Traveline timetables.

Let's have a rundown of just this weekend's changes, area by area. Click through for more details...






More have also announced a new route: the 17 will run between Bournemouth and Poole from 18th September.

Unilink have announced some minor changes from 25th September.

Monday, 15 August 2016

More evening buses for Marchwood

We touched on it in our last post - and now Bluestar have officially published the new timetables for the 8 and 9 which come into effect on 4th September.

Click the graphic for full details. The main change is new late evening journeys to Marchwood. Currently the last bus on the 8 from the city to Marchwood departs at 2100 Mon-Sats (1740 Suns).

But from 4th September, as shown on Bluestar's well-designed timetable, the 9 journeys departing from Southampton at 2210 and 2310 are being diverted in off the A326 to serve Marchwood. A similar improvement will also occur on Sunday evenings:

Marchwood hasn't had buses running that late since the night buses stopped in February 2014. The last time Marchwood had a bus after 2100 but before midnight from the city was back in October 2011.

First also have some changes from the same weekend, but haven't yet put the new timetables on their website. See my last post for which routes are changing and direct links to the new timetables on Traveline.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Solent Bus Update: Regional Round Up

Here's our monthly look at the bus changes coming up across the wider region, including Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Poole, Salisbury and Winchester. Click the route numbers to see the new timetables:

7th August:
Yellow 24 Bournemouth-Alum Chine
Curtailed to only run on this part of the route only, no longer through to Christchurch and Burton.

More 24 Burton-Fairmile
Replaces Yellow 24 in the Christchurch area on a reduced timetable.

28th August:
Yellow 26/26A Boscombe-Poole

Yellow 41 Boscombe-Throop WITHDRAWN

3rd September:
Stagecoach 6A Winchester-Abbots Barton
No timetable change, but the planned withdrawal of this route is rescinded

Stagecoach 46 Winchester-North Baddesley

Stagecoach 63 Winchester-Owslebury
No timetable change, but the planned withdrawal of this route is rescinded

Stagecoach 36 Winchester-Romsey-Lockerley

The next Solent Bus Update appears on 4th September, by which time we should have more information on the following:

4th September:
Stagecoach 67 Winchester-Petersfield

First X4 Southampton-Portsmouth

First X5 Southampton-Gosport

First 3 Portsmouth-Fareham

First 7 Southsea-Wecock

First 16 Portsmouth Hard-Eastney

First 17 Southsea-Tipner
Tipner loses its Sunday buses

First 18 Southsea-Paulsgrove

First F1 Fareham-Highlands

First 2 City Centre-Millbrook

First 7 City Centre-Townhill Park

First 9 City Centre-Sholing

First 10 City Centre-Hightown

First 13 City Centre-Harefield

Salisbury Reds X5 Salisbury-Swindon
Short journeys between Salisbury and Larkhill are withdrawn

Bluestar 8 Southampton-Calshot

Bluestar 9 Southampton-Langley/Calshot
Late evening journeys now via Marchwood

5th September:
Xelabus X3 Eastleigh-Asda WITHDRAWN

Xelabus X4 Eastleigh-Hedge End

Xelabus X6/X7 Eastleigh-Hiltingbury

Xelabus X9 Eastleigh-Bishop's Waltham

Wheelers 16 Winchester-Stockbridge

Wheelers 87/87A Salisbury-Andover

Stagecoach 7 Winchester-Sparsholt

Stagecoach 21 Portsmouth-Havant

Stagecoach 37 Havant-Petersfield

Stagecoach 66 Romsey-Winchester

Stagecoach 69 Winchester-Fareham

Stagecoach 85 Winchester-Andover

Stagecoach 86 Winchester-Whitchurch

Salisbury Reds R4 Salisbury Local Service

Salisbury Reds X7/X7R Southampton-Salisbury

Salisbury Reds 66 Bemerton Heath-Salisbury-Shipton Bellinger

6th September:
More X1/X2 Lymington-Bournemouth

10th September:
Bluestar 6 Southampton-Lymington

Here are links to the websites of the bus operators serving the wider region:

Wider region local transport authorities: